Re: [Evolution] how to move mails and configs to a new machine


thanks so much again

On gio, 2016-03-24 at 16:42 +0000, Pete Biggs wrote:
Transferring your whole home directory will also transfer all the
Evolution data and settings - but that is only really useful if
actually want all your home moved!  
on the old machine, it seems I have
-- most Evolution stuff under the folder
(198497 items, totalling 8,5 GB)

-- a further folder /root/.evolution
That's an Evolution data store from a much earlier version. 
Ok, fine
(search for
"Data storage locations").

"Data storage" explains:

Evolution 3.6 and later stores its data according to the XDG Base
Directory Specification. By default this means: 

The user's data files   $HOME/.local/share/evolution 
Various configuration and state files   $HOME/.config/evolution
Account settings        $HOME/.config/evolution/sources
Disposable data caches  $HOME/.cache/evolution
Configuration settings in GSettings     $HOME/.config/dconf <<

so, do i need to copy&paste all (and only) above directories from old
machine over to the new one? Is doing so safe? 

thks cheers

about your rant:

Actually Fedora has been installed with a user account. This is  my
home (real) desktop machine, I have been logging as root for years,
without any issue (at least not issues I am aware of). Is it really so
Anyway, I appreciate you care. 

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