[Evolution] Managing accounts

I can't configure Evolution the way I need it.  I defined an account for my email service at mail.com.  Evolution contacted the server on the internet and set up the contact information.  

BUT, I use ChoiceMail server to fetch my mail and filter it through extensive White and Black lists that I have accumulated over several years.  When I set it all up, I chose to use POP mail.  I reckon IMAP was around at that time, but one didn't hear much about it.  It was all about POP3.

So now I want to connect Evolution to my ChoiceMail server to get my mail after my personal filtering.  However, there doesn't seem to be a way to override the settings that were made for me.  I think I could change the server address, but not the IMAP/POP setting.

I don't expect to be FORCED to do anything on Linux.  I am a long time power user.  This is disconcerting.


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