Re: [Evolution] Managing accounts

I can't configure Evolution the way I need it.  I defined an account
for my email service at  Evolution contacted the server on
the internet and set up the contact information.  

Yup.  Autodiscovery is clever...

So now I want to connect Evolution to my ChoiceMail server to get my
mail after my personal filtering.  However, there doesn't seem to be a
way to override the settings that were made for me.  I think I could
change the server address, but not the IMAP/POP setting.

No, the account type is set once the account has been setup.

I don't expect to be FORCED to do anything on Linux.  I am a long time
power user.  This is disconcerting.

Calm down.  No forcing is happening.

Delete the account you've just set up in Evolution.  Now start again,
but after the initial screen where you enter your email address you need
to press "Skip Lookup" at the bottom right hand corner of the window.
(You may have to do it quite quickly.) You can then select the account
time and servers and whatever.


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