Re: [Evolution] Wot? No spam filters?

I think we might be able to help the OP to build a DEB package that fits
to the dependencies provided by the OP's distro, 

I'm totally with Andre on this. The users of Linux come in all "shapes
and sizes" and, of course, ability.  With absolutely no disrespect for
OP, if they were someone who was the compiling type, then I suspect they
would have searched the net for the answer and they wouldn't be running
an LTS distro.  Yes, that's a generalisation, but it is perfectly fine
for the vast majority of Linux users to be in that category.

And yes, it is, of course, important to teach people new skills - but in
this case, just telling someone to compile from source without any
further explanation is, at best, dangerous.  The whole point of an LTS
distro is stability and as soon as you get away from the distro provided
packages, that stability is compromised.  What about updates - don't
forget that as soon as you get away from a managed repository, you then
have to take on updating that package.  And are you going to take
responsibility for trashing a user's system?  This is not a theoretical
question - I have been accused on this list of loosing someone's email
because I tried to help them - the fact that they didn't follow my
instructions didn't matter, it was still my fault.

Besides, I'm sure there will be a PPA out there with the correct package
in it - unfortunately a quick Goggle for it only comes up with how to
install Evo 3.13.x, not one of which mentions that the 3.13 versions are
non-stable development versions.  Such is the joy of Ubuntu.

You also have to remember this is an Evolution users list - it is distro
agnostic. I not sure it is really appropriate to have a discussion on
how to build a package for a specific distro here.  Certainly point
users to the source of the information, but please no detailed distro
specific discussion.


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