Re: [Evolution] evolution-list Digest, Vol 116, Issue 8

I use Ubuntu as a tool, just like I used to use Win XP.  I've never
got involved with compiling my own "apps" on Ubuntu.  I know that in
theory this is straightforward but I would prefer to avoid having to
do so, which is why I'm running an LTS edition.  I'm old enough to
realise that, without taking the time to find out exactly what I'm
doing, this would probably be a good way to trash my system.

There are other odd things going on with Evolution that I don't
understand.  I tried deselecting Standard Plugins and the "Bayesian
Spam Filter" options in Ubuntu Software Centre.  The mouse pointer
turns to a timer while the "changes are applied", but Edit/Plugins
from the Evolution menu shows nothing has changed.  Making these
changes and re-starting my system makes no difference either: the
option boxes I cleared appear checked again in Ubuntu Software Centre,
so something's  not right.

I am at a loss to understand why Evolution - which has worked pretty
much perfectly ever since I moved over to Ubuntu nearly a decade ago -
should suddenly start falling over.  Has the age-old engineering maxim
"if it works, don't mess with it" has been disregarded?

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