Re: [Evolution] Authentication Issues with Exchange Web Services

On Thu, 11 Jun 2015 07:42:06 +0200, Roy Reese wrote:
3.17 can be installed through the Arch Users Repository (AUR).

Actually it's not the stable branch, it builds the latest commit from
the master branch. However, you could use ABS, replace the version
number in the PKGBUILD, ignore checksum or generate new checksums and
that's likely all you have to do. Building Evo is very fast, it's not a
kernel or bloated web browser. As pointed out earlier, it's the first
time that Evo is not up to date.

$ pacman -Q evolution


When building from AUR, software that links against a special version
from a library, needs to be rebuild, if the library is updated by the
official repositories, or you need to provide the old library parallel
to the new lib. I read a comment in AUR were somebody ask for a x86_64
source code. It's easy to help somebody asking this, but this user
unlikely will be happy with using AUR, since there are several things
to maintain. In short, Arch Linux can't be used in a way a
user-friendly distro can be used. Arch Linux isn't rocket science and
even could be used by beginners, but it requires to be interested in
the policy of Arch Linux.

Usually you don't have to build from ABS to get current stable
releases from upstream, that Evo is flagged out of date is an exception,
but usually you need to care about many other things. Arch is a rolling
release, what do you think happens when e.g. the FHS is updated or
there's a transition as there was from sysvinit to systemd?

IOW don't worry about the current Evolution package if you consider to
switch to Arch, take care about the policy and mind your attitude to
user-friendly distros.

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