Re: [Evolution] Authentication Issues with Exchange Web Services

Yeah, but we are already at 3.17.2 stable as far as I can see from 
git and we may see 3.18 in some weeks I guess. Why are they stuck at 

The even number versions are the stable releases, odd numbers are
development versions and really shouldn't be used in anger.  You
certainly won't see any sane distro packaging them for release.  If you
are using 3.17.x, then you must be prepared for problems and be willing to give fairly detailed feedback to 
the developers so things can be 
fixed before the stable
version comes out.

And yes, the next stable version looks as if it should be 3.18 - but it
might not be.  The numbering of Evo releases matches the Gnome release
numbers however a while ago the Evolution development team decided to
do annual releases rather than 6 monthly [1].  This means that in order
to match Gnome numbering, some of the Evo versions don't exist.  For
instance Evo 3.14 never existed - the versions went from 3.13.90 to
3.15.91 and became 3.16.0.  



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