Re: [Evolution] Duplicate spam

On Wed, 2015-06-10 at 20:11 +1000, dean wrote:
Ive attached the section of the log that I believe relates to the
folder being expunged, evo was launched with CAMEL_DEBUG=all, my 
other accounts disabled and connections down to 1. When selecting 
Expunge, nothing happens, the folder does not change at all. Reading 
through the logs it looks to me like expunge is completed 

the log shows that the expunge completed successfully. The thing can be
that Inbox/Spam doesn't have any messages marked for deletion, because
the Expunge command permanently removes only such marked messages.

Do you have setup real folders for Trash and Junk, or they both are the
standard virtual folders, collecting marked-for-deletion and marked-as
-spam messages across all the account folders?

By the way, seeing you use Quick Resync on your account, it sometimes
fails too, but that is unrelated to your expunge issue.

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