Re: [Evolution] Duplicate spam

Do you know what the IMAP server software is?

I don't, they are a major international ISP so i assume their using
reputable software... Is there a way to query this?

I don't think "Major ISP" and "reputable software" always go together.

You can probably find out the IMAP server by looking at the responses
when connecting the server.

Do you have any other programs/devices that might be connecting to that
account on the IMAP server?

My android phone does access the same accounts. Although I try not to
use them both at the same time, but i guess this could be the problem.

It may be still accessing the account in the background even when you
aren't using it.  But Android phones are common enough that it
shouldn't cause problems ...

If there are messages being marked as deleted and the folder is
expunged, and then the messages are re-appearing, then something is
wrong somewhere - either the messages aren't really being marked as
deleted or something else is restoring their state.

You need to run Evo from the command line, probably with IMAP debugging
enabled, to see what the IMAP commands being issued are and what the
result from the server actually is.

Evo is currently running as CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx evolution >& logfile 
I've found the email in the logfile, i see a partial header then:


Not sure if that helps but looked interesting. 

I'm no expert at these things, but it looks OK.

The logfile is currently
massive any tips on narrowing down the search? 

You need to keep the processes down to a minimum and just log the
errant behaviour.  So cut down the number of concurrent connections
used to 1 (Edit->Preferences->[select account]->Edit->Receiving
Options) and then start Evo with the logging enabled, do the single
operation that causes a problem (in this case delete the errant
messages, expunge, go to another folder, come back so the messages re
-appear) then shutdown Evo.  That way you have a better chance of
spotting where the problem is.  What you are looking for are the IMAP
commands to delete and expunge the messages, and the server's response
to those commands.


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