Re: [Evolution] Duplicate spam

Evolution 3.12.9, debian 8, IMAP+ account.

Do you know what the IMAP server software is?

I don't, they are a major international ISP so i assume their using
reputable software... Is there a way to query this?

Are they really duplicates - do they all have the same Message-ID:?

Yes they have the same message id and all of the headers are identical.

Do you have any other programs/devices that might be connecting to that
account on the IMAP server?

My android phone does access the same accounts. Although I try not to
use them both at the same time, but i guess this could be the problem.
I hate using the webmail to access this account and will only use it
when something goes wrong.

If there are messages being marked as deleted and the folder is
expunged, and then the messages are re-appearing, then something is
wrong somewhere - either the messages aren't really being marked as
deleted or something else is restoring their state.

You need to run Evo from the command line, probably with IMAP debugging
enabled, to see what the IMAP commands being issued are and what the
result from the server actually is.

Evo is currently running as CAMEL_DEBUG=imapx evolution >& logfile 
I've found the email in the logfile, i see a partial header then:

[imapx:B] got untagged response 
[imapx:B] Have token 'FETCH' id 420
[imapx:B] I/O: '

then some html from the body then:

[imapx:B] I/O: ')^M
B00189 OK Fetch completed.'
[imapx:B] Got completion response for command 00189 'FETCH'
[imapx:B] ** Starting next command
[imapx:B] starting idle
[imapx:B] ** Starting next command
[imapx:B] * no, no jobs
[imapx:B] Removed folder INBOX/Spam from connection folder list - op
[imapx:B] adding command, format = 'IDLE'
[imapx:B] completing command buffer is [4] 'IDLE'
[imapx:B] completing command buffer is [0] ''
[imapx:B] Starting command (active=1, literal) B00190 IDLE^M
[imapx:B] I/O: 'B00190 IDLE'
imapx_find_connection_unlocked: for-expensive:0 will
return:0x7f872e5a5350 cmd-count:0 has-expensive:0 found:0; connections
opened:2 max:2
   cmds:0 has-expensive:0 avail:1 cinfo:0x7f872e5a5350
   cmds:0 has-expensive:0 avail:1 cinfo:0x7f870803a040
[imapx:B] adding command, format = 'UID FETCH %t (BODY.PEEK[])'
[imapx:B] completing command buffer is [28] 'UID FETCH 1068
[imapx:B] enqueue job 'UID FETCH 1068 (BODY.PEEK[])'
[imapx:B] ** Starting next command

Not sure if that helps but looked interesting. The logfile is currently
massive any tips on narrowing down the search? 

Thanks for your time,

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