Re: [Evolution] Duplicate spam

Evolution 3.12.9, debian 8, IMAP account.

Do you know what the IMAP server software is?

I am having a problem with duplicate spam on one of my accounts.

Are they really duplicates - do they all have the same Message-ID:?

Do you have any other programs/devices that might be connecting to that
account on the IMAP server?

 I have
tried deleting, selecting "remove duplicate messages" and expunging the
folder but the messages will reapear after moving away and reslecting
the folder,

If there are messages being marked as deleted and the folder is
expunged, and then the messages are re-appearing, then something is
wrong somewhere - either the messages aren't really being marked as
deleted or something else is restoring their state.

You need to run Evo from the command line, probably with IMAP debugging
enabled, to see what the IMAP commands being issued are and what the
result from the server actually is.


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