Re: [Evolution] compile my own --- in addition to: Authentication Issues with Exchange Web Services

> Enviar: martes 9 de junio de 2015 a las 18:29
> De: "Patrick O'Callaghan" <poc usb ve>
>On Tue, 2015-06-09 at 18:18 +0200, Tom wrote:
>> I'd love to compile my own Evolution from time to time - as
>> practically everyone here on the list seems to do from the sound of
>> it ?!!
> I'm not sure how you got that idea. I would guess that almost nobody
> compiles Evo for themselves. It's quite complicated to do. Last time I
> did it was 4 or 5 years ago. You're better just using a Linux distro
> that keeps its software up to date, but that's your choice.
In this case it is more than the distro, for Tom can choose NOT to use the LTS version of Ubuntu, which would allow him to have a much more up-to-date version of Evolution (an other software). The *buntus already have a more recent LTS from last year (14.04) and a non-LTS from this year (15.04). These relseases will offer Evos a bit behind the current stable version, but not THAT far. Version numbers at the moment exaggerate the situation a bit given that version numbers in Evo were changed to match Gnome.
I started with Linux Mint 13 (Ubuntu 12.04 base) about three years ago, came somewhat more up-to-date with Mageia 3 and 4 (Evo 3.10) and now Manjaro (3.16). At this point I could not imagine returning to a 5-year LTS, so were I a *buntu user I would update either biennially or semiannually.
As someone observed, the close tie of Evo to Gnome will no doubt complicate running it in older distro releases, but there are those of us who have never run Evo under Gnome Shell -- and have no intention of doing so.
(Apologies to Patrick who just received this as an off-list message as a result of my mistake.)

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