Re: [Evolution] R: Evolution

One big problem was that after I've restored saved data evolution crashed, 
I've restarted it many times, but it crashed every time 10s after startp, 
probably when it tries to access the mail boxes, 

OK. What you need to do is to find out whether it's Evolution, your
configuration, or Zimbra.

I suggest you create a new Linux account temporarily so you have
completely clean configuration - then create your POP account(s) to see
if it works or crashes.  Make sure you tick 'Leave messages on server'
so you don't download everything.  If Evolution plays nicely with
Zimbra, then it's something to do with your configuration; if it still
crashes, then there's something wrong.  If that is the case, then do as
Andre says and file a bug report in Ubuntu's bug tracker.


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