Re: [Evolution] A note, an appeal

I'm using Chromixium; the latest version of Evolution is 10.4.x.  
Very old.  No one at Debian (I guess) is keeping this updated, so 
we're stuck with older versions.  And since Google deprecated their 
address book access, there's no way I can see to sync Google contacts 
with Evolution 10.4.x.

I presume you mean 3.10.4. AFAIK Gnome Online Accounts existed in Gnome
3.10 - just set up your Google account in GoA and your contacts should
appear in Evolution

I've read the archives, and there's no help suggested.

I presume you mean about compiling (because there's lots of messages
about enabling Google contacts using GoA).  I'm afraid there isn't much
of a magic wand to compile the most recent version of Evo on an old
system - if the README worries you then I wouldn't try.

And is there some way to communicate with the folks who maintain the 
repositories to get them to keep up with the latest version of 
Evolution?  They seem to do this with Thunderbird, with Chromium, 
etc., but not with Evolution.

Evolution is a very different thing to Thunderbird - TB is essentially
a standalone application and is not specific to any desktop; Evolution
is a Gnome application and as such needs many Gnome libraries (usually
the same version as Evo) for it to work.  To see what I mean, try
running ldd on the executables - ldd tells you what libraries are
needed by the executables:

$ ldd /usr/bin/evolution | wc
    141     560    7843
$ ldd /usr/lib/thunderbird/thunderbird | wc
      8      28     347

So Thunderbird needs 8 libraries, Evolution needs 141


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