[Evolution] Evolution and Ubuntu -- they can play together nicely

My small scientific consulting business has been on Ubuntu and Evolution for almost two years.  My secretary's PC is running 14.04 LTS with Evolution 3.10.4.  One of our business mail accounts is IMAPX and the other is POP.  I am using 15.04 with Evolution 3.16.0 (from https://launchpad.net/~fta/+ppa-packages ) with the same two accounts plus two more POP accounts.

I have been pushing the envelope with Evolution because earlier version had problems handling calendar files (ICS) and WebEx meeting invitations that were being sent to me by clients at big corporations.  In fact, I was surprised by my PC's alarm going off a few days ago when it was 5 minutes before a WebEx meeting (Had to use my Win 7 desktop for WebEx meeting).  Earlier version of Evolution also had a problem with e-mail containing certain html images.  So, right now, every feature on Evolution that is mission critical to my business is working.

Yes, there are some formatting issues that are a pain.  For example, I want to place the "Signature" where I want it, which is often at the end of my reply to an e-mail I have received, NOT where Evolution wants to place it (on top of my reply or underneath the sender's message).

So, if you are having problems with 3.10.4, upgrade your OS to 15.04 and get 3.16.0.  Please use the backup function on Evolution to backup your data and verify that the backup is okay using another PC before doing the upgrade.  Also, note that once you are on 3.16.0, you cannot go backwards because of differences in address book format.


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