[Evolution] A note, an appeal

Okay, I don't suppose I'll get much help here, since I'm really not versed in how to compile programs.  Downloading the source tarballs and reading the Readme make me just shiver.  I can't do any of that.

I'm using Chromixium; the latest version of Evolution is 10.4.x.  Very old.  No one at Debian (I guess) is keeping this updated, so we're stuck with older versions.  And since Google deprecated their address book access, there's no way I can see to sync Google contacts with Evolution 10.4.x.

I've read the archives, and there's no help suggested.

So here's my question.  Is there someone out there willing to create a .deb file of the latest Evolution so that a lot of us who shrink at the idea of compiling on our own can install Evolution and use it?

And is there some way to communicate with the folks who maintain the repositories to get them to keep up with the latest version of Evolution?  They seem to do this with Thunderbird, with Chromium, etc., but not with Evolution.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


Jeffrey Needle
jeff needle gmail com

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