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15.04 is not LTS, I use ubuntu for work, i cannot sped 1 day each 6 month to 
upgrade version and risk that at every time that something doesnìt work, and if 
so spend other 1 or 2 day to have fix the upgrade fault... my boss will fire 
me! I use only LTS, and on the latest LTS evolution crashes completely when I 
use an account with POP on Zimbra server, I cannot use evolution any more

Best regards

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Sorry, it worked for the first mail the way it does work now. The
signature only was on the wrong position, because I edited the
signature preferences when writing the second email and for sending I
opened the mails that were saved as drafts.


So, if you are having problems with 3.10.4, upgrade your OS to 15.04 
and get 3.16.0.  Please use the backup function on Evolution to 
backup your data and verify that the backup is okay using another PC 
before doing the upgrade.  Also, note that once you are on 3.16.0, 
you cannot go backwards because of differences in address book 
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