Re: [Evolution] 3.16.3 on Ubuntu 15.10

On Tue, 2015-07-14 at 12:29 +0200, Herr Oswald wrote:
As far as I'm aware the Ubuntu maintainers for Evolution haven't worked
on getting 3.16 into the latest version.  The last email exchange I had
with them implied it was some amount of work (I'm not really sure why
but mostly seemingly related to EDS) and no one had made the time to
look at it.

Could you please ask for building recent Evolution versions for ubuntu
14.04 as well? - My argument would be, that it doesnt make much sense
to declare a OS version as "long term support" - and then not to
provide updates for really crucial software.

In addition to what others have said about what "long term support"
means (which I wholly agree with), I'll just point out that Ubuntu has
made it crystal clear that they don't consider Evolution crucial
software, and certainly not "really crucial" software :).  It may be
crucial to us, but it's not that important to them.

I do use Ubuntu (Ubuntu GNOME to be precise) because I prefer Debian and
its infrastructure and system design choices over Red Hat/Fedora and its
infrastructure and system design choices.  I don't believe one is
massively better, and I have used and continue to use both, I just
prefer Debian and that's what I'm used to.  I used Debian sid, then
testing, for a long time, then switched to Ubuntu to get the 6 month
upgrade cycle.  If someone creates a reliable Debian-based distro which
is more like what Ubuntu used to be before Unity, for example ensuring
that ALL the latest Gnome apps are present in each release, I'd probably
switch to that, but that's a tall order.

And finally, I'm not more or less qualified to ask for anything than
anyone else... if you have a request then you should make the request,
not ask me to make the request.  The more individual people who request
something the more likely it is to get fixed.  But I wouldn't hold my
breath about a backport of GNOME 3.16 apps to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

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