Re: [Evolution] 3.16.3 on Ubuntu 15.10

The happy medium.

On my Arch Linux I maintain a few outdated libs.
The /usr/lib/*foo*.so links are only need at build time, at runtime
just /usr/lib/*foo*.so.1, /usr/lib/*foo*.so.1.2, /usr/lib/*foo*.so.2
etc. are needed. So I can keep some old software on a rolling release.

When using an LTS of a release model distro, because it's needed for
most software, it's still an option to run current versions of
Evolution on an guest OS in a virtual machine.

This two solutions easily can be maintained by newbies too, especially
since for the second purpose VirtualBox can be used instead of a more
complicated virtualisation.

There are other solutions, hardcoding library paths and installing to
/opt, a chroot with a different install and perhaps others, that are
not that easy to maintain.

What I want to point out is, that the OP could use the installed LTS
and in virtualbox run a minimal install off another distro, providing
the latest version of Evolution. The VirtualBox guest can be integrated
seamless inside of the host WM/DE.


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