Re: [Evolution] Evolution migration from Computer to Notebok

On Fri, 2015-07-10 at 11:36 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
I didn't follow this thread, but I once linked pop account mails 
one install to another. This worked without issues while using
different versions on both installs.

$ ls -hAl /mnt/u1.precise/home/spinymouse/.local/share/evolution/
drwx------ Dec 23  2011 addressbook
-rw-rw-r-- Feb 15  2013 backup-restore-gconf.xml
drwx------ Dec 12  2011 calendar
-rw------- Dec 16  2011 camel-cert.db
-rw-r--r-- Dec 12  2011 categories.xml
lrwxrwxrwx Apr 28  2012 mail -> 
drwx------ Dec 12  2011 memos
-rw-rw-r-- May  3  2012 printing.ini
drwx------ Jul 26  2012 signatures
drwx------ Dec 12  2011 tasks

IOW sharing mails isn't an issue. Instead of a link, a sync should 
too, as long as the versions use the same mail format.

Messing around with Evolution's internal & private data is NOT
recommended.  It may appear to work, but Evolution is NOT designed to
work in such a way and as such is not tested to a level where anyone
can be certain that it will work now or in the future.

What you should be aware about is that Evolution uses a UUID for the
mail account (and virtually everything else) - those UUIDs are unique
to a machine.  They are not just used as a directory name for the 
data, but also referenced in the configuration files.  So copying (or
sharing) data requires that all the configuration files on the two
machines are also identical - but there is no synchronisation between
the configurations, so changes on one machine will not be propagated
leading to a miss-match between the data and the configuration.

Yes, it may work if you are careful or if your setup is particularly
simple, but it won't work in all cases.  You seriously risk 
your Evolution data store.

Use a remote server.  It works.

If I remember correctly, I first used
File > Back up Evolution Data... and
File > Restore Evolution Data...
or copied data in a similar way, then removed
~/.local/share/evolution/mail and replaced it with a link.
Even when updating different versions of Evolution for both installs,
there never were issues. I at least wasn't careful, resp. just backuped
my complete installs, but never needed to restore user space or data
from the backups. Perhaps I just had good luck, but I did it several
years without experiencing serious problems. If I remember correctly
there once was just a minor issue with folder names, regarding the
character encoding of the folder names, but character encoding for
anything else was ok and even the folder name issue wasn't really a

However, if it's not recommended, it might be not a good idea to do it
for a production environment.

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