Re: [Evolution] Evolution migration from Computer to Notebok

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I have:
Evolution 3.10.4 on my notebook with Linux Mint 17.1 rebecca
Evolution on my computer with Debian 8 Jessie
Rebecca and Jessie are based on Debian.

That means absolutely nothing to many people.  We don't (usually) care
what the OS is that you are running, what is needed are versions of

Sometimes I need my e-mails, contacts, calendars and notes on my 
laptop because I'm on the road.
How do I transfer the computer backup entirely on my notebook now?

Syncing between different instances of Evolution on two different
machines is very difficult - if they are different versions of
Evolution, then it is, just simply, not possible.

The only sensible/correct way to do it is to keep all the information
and a server and access it remotely using imap, caldav, ldap, etc.  It
works.  I have five Linux machines running Evolution (two of which are
laptops), three Apple mobile devices and a PC and laptop running
Windows all accessing the same mail and calendars without any problems.


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