Re: [Evolution] Removing Ubuntu 9.04, Installing 14.04. How to move Evo?

Hi :)
Sorry for top-posting! :(  I've tried to trim to compensate for it a bit.  

Swarup, have you run updates and rebooted at least once?  Event the 14.04 has a lot of updates already.  Also were the file-permissions ok on the compressed back-up?  Sometimes copying files around can mess up the permissions.  

Also a lot of programs are moving their configs into a sub-folder
although there is also a lot in 

I think it's an attempt to declutter the home folder for each user but there seems to be bigger reasons too.  
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Tom :)  

On 25 April 2014 22:39, Swarup <dinbandhu sprynet com> wrote:

have started up evolution, putting in my email account info and so forth. I've received mail to the account. I tried using the compressed backup to restore all the mail etc, but it froze evo when I tried. Did it twice, and it happened both times. I would like to try populating the .evolution with my mail and address book, and see what happens. The problem is, that I looked in the home folder for the .evolution folder which contains all the mail etc, but it isn't there. Very surprising, as once an evo account is created and used, that is always where it was located in the past. Do I need to look somewhere else for it?


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