Re: [Evolution] Imap and certificates

This is for Evolution 3.10.4 under F20

So a couple of questions: does an imap conversation carry information
about the need to update certificates?

Not really.  Depending on how you connect (i.e. if you use SSL to a
dedicated port) then the SSL exchange is before IMAP gets started so
there is no chance to talk about certificates.

 if so, does
evolution implement the update notifications? if not,
what do I need to do to get new certificates?

Evo should see that there is a new certificate being used without you
doing anything, it certainly did when I changed my certificates last
week.  If the certificate is signed with a traceable key, then you won't
actually notice anything and it should "Just Work".  If it's a self
signed certificate, then Evo will ask you if you want to accept it.

It may be that something has got confused though.  There was a thread
over the last couple of days about re-accepting certificates,

in that thread there is some information on where the certificates are
held - it may be sufficient to just delete the old certificate to get
things working again.


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