Re: [Evolution] Is there a practical limit on number of Evolution e-mail folders?

On Thu, 2014-04-17 at 11:03 -0700, cigtoxdoc wrote:
Earlier this year, I switched from Outlook Express (Win XP) to Evolution
3.2.3 (Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit).  I use Evolution for my business e-mail, I
imported my Outlook Express folders, and I have a folder for each
client/organization, etc.  I have over 100 such folders in addition to
Inbox, Sent, etc.  PC is Dell Vostro 3500 with 8 GB RAM and 4-CPU
processor.I ask this question because Evolution appears to be dropping
folders.  Sometimes they are not there, and then they will appear as
subfolders under one of the main folders.  In one case, it appears
permanently lost, but I have an Evolution backup file with that folder on
another PC.Thank you,John

You need to give more information about your setup. For example you
don't say if all the folders are part of the same account, and if the
account or accounts are POP, IMAP, Exchange etc. These things matter.

It would also be worth looking at any mail filters you have, and of
course if the problem folders are real or virtual. Is it always the same
set of problem folders? Do they all appear and disappear at once or is
it just sometimes one and sometimes another?

FWIW, Evo should handle 100 folders easily.


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