Re: [Evolution] About performance

On Fri, 2013-05-10 at 14:31 +0200, Contacto wrote:
But performance problems right now are a serious issue.

If this were my product I will start profiling it. Just to see how 
fast/slow is and how can we improve.

I can say that I'm heavy user. I used to have thousands of e-mails in 6 
different IMAP accounts, and a lot of filters that classifies my e-mail 
in local folder when neccesary.

One known issue, especially for heavy users, is that fragmentation can
build up in the mail summary database over time, which does negatively
impact performance.  If you notice your hard disk grinding a lot while
working in Evolution, this might be the issue.

It might help to garbage collect the database.  Evolution does not
currently do that itself.  Try shutting down Evolution and run this
little shell script:

Eventually I'd like to tie this into the Expunge operation, which seems
like a natural place for it to get run periodically.  Haven't done it
yet because, you know, time, manpower, priorities, etc.

Matthew Barnes

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