Re: [Evolution] Problems with Contacts/poc

On Thu, 2010-08-26 at 07:24 -0700, Brewster Gillett wrote:
Relative to your observation "I don't much use contact lists", do you
have an alternate suggestion for my application of it? I am a board
member of a non-profit, and a board member of an e-commerce startup,
plus a coordinator of a volunteer cadre of twelve (the original
problem list). How would *you* reduce the typing labor if you had to
occasionally send email to a group of six, nine or twelve people?

I would probably use contact lists, but since I don't have that need, I
don't use them.

Note that contact lists are really only meant for distribution lists. If
you want group discussion, maybe a real mailing list would be better,
but that's out of the scope of this thread.


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