[Evolution] Problems with Contacts

Running Evo 2.28.3 under Ubuntu 10.04.

I have 69 entries in my address book (Contacts, as Evo names them).

Three of those are groups - multiple addressees collected under a 
single Contact entry (what Evo calls a "Contact list").

They don't get a lot of use in my normal work patterns.

When I used one of them as a "To:" address in a new email this 
afternoon, I got a popup telling me, 

"This message cannot be sent because you have not specified
 any recipients."

This is bogus. I *did* specify a recipient - the name of the Contact
list, plucked right out of the popup that appears, listing the Contacts,
when you smack the "To:" button. And it was sitting right there,
prominently displayed in the "To:" field, as it is supposed to be.
So why is Evo saying it can't see it?

What's the problem, and can it be solved?

I've pored through several pages of FAQ and found little or nothing
that even addresses the Contacts module at all.

There surely do seem to be a lot of problems with the Contact part
of this program. This is only one of many annoying and incomprehensible
glitches in this area of Evo.

Thanks for whatever insights you can supply,

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