Re: [Evolution] Problems with Contacts/tobias

On Wed, 2010-08-25 at 20:51 -0700, Brewster Gillett wrote:

        When I used one of them as a "To:" address in a new email this 
        afternoon, I got a popup telling me, 
        "This message cannot be sent because you have not specified
         any recipients."

Barbara Tobias wrote:
At the bottom left of the contact list window, there is a checkbox
marked "Hide addresses when sending mail to this list."  Apparently the
default is to hide the addresses (send as blind copies) because when you
create a new list, the box comes already checked.

Just uncheck the box and it will make Evo happy.  All the addressees
will show.



Sorry, Barbara, but in this case you have it exactly backwards -
that list had *always* had that particular box unchecked - it has
never been set up for BCC.

The amusing thing is that one of the other two lists, which *was* set to
BCC, is the one that, on testing, returned the message:

"Are you sure you want to send a message with only blind copy

None of which of course addresses the issue that the user may have
good reason to set the BCC switch on - doing so should not
be crippling the mailing process - else why is the option on offer?

There are all sorts of bugs in the Contacts module, which I have not
even begun to address, since they are in different areas not
related to this problem. But there are enough of them, and they
are annoying, and crippling, enough that they cause me to
periodically consider fleeing to TBird :-)

There is just a lot wrong with the code that runs Evo's address book.

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