Re: [Evolution] Problems with Contacts/poc

On Wed, 2010-08-25 at 20:51 -0700, Brewster Gillett wrote:
"This message cannot be sent because you have not specified
 any recipients."

This is bogus. I *did* specify a recipient - the name of the Contact
list, plucked right out of the popup that appears, listing the
when you smack the "To:" button. And it was sitting right there,
prominently displayed in the "To:" field, as it is supposed to be.
So why is Evo saying it can't see it?

What's the problem, and can it be solved?

Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:

I don't much use contact lists, but does this happen with every such
list or just with a specific one? If it's just the one, perhaps there's
a format error in one of the email addresses.



Of the other two, one apparently sent okay, and the other returned this
rather pushy and aggravating message:

"Are you sure you want to send a message with only blind copy

Pushy damned program :-)

I have checked all twelve addresses in the original offender, and cannot
find any format errors. So now what?

Relative to your observation "I don't much use contact lists", do you
have an alternate suggestion for my application of it? I am a board
member of a non-profit, and a board member of an e-commerce startup,
plus a coordinator of a volunteer cadre of twelve (the original problem
list). How would *you* reduce the typing labor if you had to
occasionally send email to a group of six, nine or twelve people?

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