Re: [Evolution] access control on imap folders

On Tue, 2010-08-03 at 15:43 +0200, Silvan Marco Fin wrote:
Am 03.08.2010 11:34, schrieb Pete Biggs:

Is there scope for a "read-only" flag when creating an IMAP account or
even on specific folders - so that Evo knows early on not to accept any
changes to it?  Would it allow streamlining of some Evo operations?
It's not something I have ever wanted and I'm not sure if would use it,
but I can see the use cases?

I came accross the problem when exploring the possibilities of IMAP 
access controls, which are used in kolab groupware server. For those, 
not familiar with kolab: The PIM data on a kolab groupware server is 
stored via use of cyrus imap. Each data (contact, note, todo or 
appointment) is stored as a single email (more like a mime part of an 

In such a groupware environment you can share your imap folders with 
others, e.g. your calendar (realized as imap folder). In this setting 
you can think of different use cases where you may want to limit access 
to your folders for some users, while extending it to others.

As I mentioned in another reply, we do this already. Of course it means
the Cyrus admin has to set it up since Evo has no control over it
directly (same as it has no control over Sieve filtering etc.).


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