Re: [Evolution] access control on imap folders

:) "Forget last action" is missing, though I don't know, how that should 
be implemented concerning usability. Hint: Thunderbird has a tab in the 
folder properties dialog which reads something like "repair" which 
exactly does the above thing. Throw away local cache, rebuild cache from 

Yes, I think that sort of thing would be a useful addition - I can think
of numerous occasions when Evo has got out of sync with the server and a
simple "resynchronise" command would be v. useful.

 The better solution would be to inform the user about the 
permission problem, before action is taken on the local cache, though.

But that breaks the concept of a local cache - in order for Evo to know
that there is a problem with the IMAP store, then it has to contact the
server, at which point it may as well just do the action anyway.

Is there scope for a "read-only" flag when creating an IMAP account or
even on specific folders - so that Evo knows early on not to accept any
changes to it?  Would it allow streamlining of some Evo operations?
It's not something I have ever wanted and I'm not sure if would use it,
but I can see the use cases?


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