Re: [Evolution] access control on imap folders

Am 02.08.2010 15:44, schrieb Patrick O'Callaghan:
folder to which it has limited access. Actually, I removed write access
on the imap server (cyrus, rights modified by user of cyradm) and tried
to delete an email. To my surprise it seemed to work, which of course
could not be correct.

Do you mean you just hit Delete, or that you hit Delete and then
Expunge? I would expect Delete (i.e. "mark as deleted") to be cached and
therefore succeed temporarily. The next server synch should then fail
because of the permissions problem. I would expect Expunge to cause such
a synch and failure. If *at that point* it appeared to succeed then that
would be a problem.

To clarify: I only deleted it. The deleted message was no longer displayed in the folder, but was then displayed in the "Trash" folder. The status bar afterwards reported an error. On click a popup came up with the described error message:

something about "error syncing changes: permission denied".

That's a good question. I occasionally want to tell Evo to just forget
its local state and forceably resynch a folder with the server (e.g.
when the Unread count doesn't match the number of Unread messages).
There doesn't appear to be a way to guarantee that short of
unsubscribing the folder, exiting Evo, restarting it and re-subscribing
the folder, which is ridiculous.

:) "Forget last action" is missing, though I don't know, how that should be implemented concerning usability. Hint: Thunderbird has a tab in the folder properties dialog which reads something like "repair" which exactly does the above thing. Throw away local cache, rebuild cache from server. The better solution would be to inform the user about the permission problem, before action is taken on the local cache, though.

 Thanks for the answers,

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