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On Tue, 2009-05-26 at 11:44 -0400, David L wrote:
My original half-serious joke 

was pretty funny...

was that if there is a need to perform some
operation frequently in a GUI application (like deleting indexes), it
is more user
friendly to have support for doing the operation built in to the
Yes, people can read the mailing list and bug reports and find your
script and
run it. 

Having some automated thing either built into the app, or as a separate
menu item would be an improvement, but with users, with advanced
degrees, who ask questions like

Can someone help me?  I seem to have had my trial balance icon removed
from my desktop.

there is no way I can deploy evolution to regular computer users.  If an
accountant with more than a decade of computer use can't grasp the
concept of a desktop icon, they aren't going to fare well with a PIM
that is constantly mis-displaying its state.

(The last quote is actually the last email I read before I got David's
response.  It is typical.)

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