[Evolution] Using an IMAP Outbox

Hi There,

i'm using evolution in a highschool network wich prevents me from
sending mail over SMTP (port 25) with my mailserver or with their own
local mailserver. So i configured my IMAP-Server to accept outgoing
mails in an Outbox-IMAP-Folder which then will be send by my SMTP-Server
to the desired recipcient. This works perfectly.

The bad thing ist now, when i write a mail in evolution it will be
placed in the local outbox with an info that there was an error "broken
pipe". This simply happens because i must choose a way how to send mails
when creating an account, so i used sendmail. Therefore the broken pipe.
And afterwards i always have to move the mail manualy to the desired

But what i thought i could do now, is simply add a messagefilter for
outgoing messages which simply moves all mails from outgoing folder to
my IMAP-Server/Outbox folder. But this just doesn't work. Maybe because
of the error?

So, is there any way, to not send anything over sendmail or smtp but
when using the "Send" button in the message window to directly get the
mail moved to a certain IMAP-Folder?

Thanks in advance,

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