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Funny, but I doubt, accurate.

I have to delete my indexes every few days to display all messages in a folder, and evo rarely displays an 
accurate unread count.  This makes it impossible to deploy evo beyond the IT department.

But I never have to back up and start from scratch. And if I did have to start from scratch, I'd be wary of 
restoring from a backup that may contain the nasty problem.

What evo version is Novell now distributing with SLED? Is it fairly stable the way 2.6 was with SLED 10.1?

Art Alexion
MIS/Central Office Support
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On Sun, 2009-05-24 at 15:26 -0300, Bruno Trazzini wrote:
I suggest adding a button to reset all settings, because even deleting
the folder .evolution some settings remain active.

I do not expect anyone doing that, I'm sorry. Rather see where all the
settings are stored, and delete them yourself:

How about a command-line "evolution


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