Re: [Evolution] using skype

And there was me thinking this was an Evolution list ....

I'm saddened by the responses in this thread. It seems Skype users
aren't all that interested in freedom of communication. If people
really _want_ to walk into the honey trap with their eyes wide open, I
guess there's little one can do to help them.

It's called freedom of choice ...

 When people aren't even
willing to explore the different services and applications, even when
it's given to them for free and as free software, then what can you

I don't use Skype much - and I've never investigated desktop VoIP and
Ekiga so I thought I had better have a look.  Now I'm a technically
competent person, but for the amount that I might or might not use VoIP,
it looks too much bother to try and setup: Skype is easy, and if I think
that, what do you think that Joe Blogs' grandmother thinks.  It is fine
for you, as a person who is obviously interested/fanatical about such
things to casually talk about SIP or TSP or whatever - to me my
"Telephony Service Provider" is either BT or O2, not some strange
company I've never heard of, and certainly neither of them are going to
be interested in me connecting to them by VoIP.

Anyway, can we get back to Evolution ...

IMHO, there are more important things to be doing with Evo than
implementing random buttons to clog up the interface.  If there is a
need for skype or ekiga or whatever to get access to the addressbook
phone numbers, then implement it from that end.

The only way I see telephony integration being useful with Evo is if you
can, say, right-click on a phone number in a received email message and
pass it to some application to dial it.  

 These people 

<< snip of long political rant >>


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