Re: [Evolution] using skype

On Mon, May 25, 2009 at 3:05 AM, Jo-Erlend Schinstad
<joerlend schinstad gmail com> wrote:
2009/5/24 Bruno Trazzini <brunotrazzini gmail com>:

I suggest adding a button to dial from the contact list using skype

Skype, of all things. Why would you want a button for a play-phone
service, when you can get _real_ voip with Ekiga, which is free and
like Evolution, part of GNOME?

The reason I use skype is that my boss requires me to.  He does this
because ekiga doesn't work behind our firewall and (like it or not) most
people still use Windows and (at least as of a year ago) the ekiga for
Windows didn't work too well.  Although I'd love to switch to ekiga, I can't.



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