Re: [Evolution] using skype

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From: David L <idht4n gmail com>
Skype, of all things. Why would you want a button for a play-phone
service, when you can get _real_ voip with Ekiga, which is free and
like Evolution, part of GNOME?

Can I dial ordinary phones using Ekiga? What does it cost, and whom do I pay? Does Ekiga connect to skype 
users (most of my contacts are already there and won't be moving).

I have to say that (finally... :) I'm finding Skype pretty successful, I just spent a week 1/3 of the way 
around the globe, and skype was my only means of real time contact with home. Worked just dandy--even the 
video part (though not, obviously, to normal phones ;)

But I'm available for moving if it does what I need.



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