Re: [Evolution] using skype

The thread started with a suggestion to add a "Call using
Skype"-button. Well, it's fairly easy, using Skype API. It will not be
implemented as a feature for Evolution, I can tell you that. But it is
possible to write a plugin for it.

I'm saddened by the responses in this thread. It seems Skype users
aren't all that interested in freedom of communication. If people
really _want_ to walk into the honey trap with their eyes wide open, I
guess there's little one can do to help them. When people aren't even
willing to explore the different services and applications, even when
it's given to them for free and as free software, then what can you
do? These people are willing to sign life long contracts, stating that
they have no rights, that they will never change to another telephony
provider, that they will always accept Skypes prices and that Skype
may apply censorship to their private conversations.

Perhaps people aren't aware of the fact that Skype actually does
filter and log private conversations? You should read your EULAs.
They're entitled to, and they do, because what you say on the phone
might be deemed offensive by the government. They do, in fact,
cooperate with China and has been for years, to ensure that noone uses
their phone to criticize the government. Luckily, voice recognition
software is in such a state that, at this time, they only censor text
messages. Or at least, that's what they say. Noone can really know,
since Skype is a closed service. Would China not want recordings of
foreign journalists or democratic rebellions voice conversations?
Well, Skype promises to do whatever they're told in that respect. In
later times, it seems to many of us, especially the UK and USA are
moving in the same direction.

An interesting story about this from Financial Times:
And then the Skype blog:

Notice the wording in the latter: "I passionately believe in Skype's
mission to enable the world's conversations. Allowing the world to
communicate for free empowers and links people and communities

With a passion equal to that of Mr Silverman, I believe that people
should be able to communicate _freely_, and that no single company
should have the power to either give nor retract the freedom of
speech. I also think it's much more important to have the right to say
what you want, than the right to say what _they_ want, albeit free of
charge. But it's important to remember that we had free voip many
years before Skype was even founded; they didn't provide this to the
world -- they just hi-jacked it.

Freedom is not to be taken for granted. Cherish it.

Jo-Erlend Schinstad

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