Re: [Evolution] evolution exchange

On Fri, 2008-09-19 at 14:29 -0400, Paul Smith wrote:
First, this comes up every so often so it's worth it to look for
previous threads.  Second, your assertion that "most other email lists
of this type" use reply-to-list is not correct; in fact as far as I
recall I don't belong to a single mailing list that uses reply-to-list
(and I belong to a LOT of mailing lists).

I belong to about 8 linux lists, a Treo list, and about 3 non-technical
lists, and only this one and the Dell lists do not default to

If the behavior of this list was typical, I would have an easier time
remembering that I explicitly have to reply to the list, but because I
never have to do it with other lists (except the Dell linux-desktop list
in which I lurk more than participate) I often forget.

This isn't important to me, but my preference is reply-to-list by

The current configuration is historically used for lists that allow
posting without subscribing.  That way an unsubscribed poster gets a
response.  If I recall, this list requires subscription, but I may be

Art Alexion

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