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On Wed, 2008-07-23 at 14:19 -0400, MHR wrote:
What is it about software developers that they have to make decisions
like this for us users instead of opening up the code such that the
options are under our control?

I'm not a developer, but I don't think that is an accurate assessment of
most OSS developers. Sometimes, features that seem simple to users are
complex from a programming standpoint.  Sometimes the existing
infrastructure makes a feature difficult on one project, while easy on
another project with a different infrastructure.

Other times, the developers don't anticipate everything the users might
find useful.  Responsive developers in this situation try to implement
the request, once the idea is brought to their attention.

Yet other times, the request does not fit into the overall philosophy of
the project.  For instance, a program may be designed to be lightweight
and simple, but the request would contribute to making the software into

One of the things I didn't like with ximian evolution on  Red Hat 7.x
was that it was way too bloated.  The current version is much more
elegant and efficient.

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