Re: [Evolution] Plugin for Evolution

On 2008-02-28, 20:18 GMT, Pete Biggs wrote:
How are you proposing that you get at the calendar information 
via IMAP - bear in mind that the IMAP protocol uses data 
exchanges like 'give me message number 34' or 'how many new 
messages are there' or 'give me all the headers of new message' 
- AFAIK there's nothing in it that says 'give me contents of 
this file', because "file" is a meaningless concept to IMAP.

If I am not totally senile, than this "everything is a message" 
world of IMAP maps very well to the Exchange worldview, where 
everything (be it email message, one appointment in calendar, 
todo task, note, etc.) is a message with inheritance to the 
common message object (and stored in the database backend as 

For the related issue, see kmail which can do this "store 
calendar on IMAP" pretty well (and yes it stores individual 
appointments as IMAP messages).



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