[Evolution] Plugin for Evolution

I'm hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.

I've looked through the list Archive and Googled for the past day and
half to find this but I'm not seeing anything.

Is there an IMAP plugin for Evolution that reads the Calendar folder
from and Exchange server and presents it as a calendar.

I'm not talking about the Exchange connector I'm specifically speak about IMAP.

Evolution can already see all the DATA from the calendar folder using
ONLY IMAP but there is now way for that same information to be
presented as a calendar.  All the program would need to know is what
folder is a calendar which can be specified with a simple

The same technique could be used for the Contacts,Task, and Notes.

This would be great as you would then be able to do this to folders on
any IMAP account.  You would even be able to keep multiple such
folders.  The folders would just be a repository for the data.

Am I missing something obvious about exchange that somehow make this
impossible.  This seems like its all client side stuff that's really
already been done.  What difference does it make if the protocol the
client uses to talk to the server is MAPI or IMAP?

I even found an old article  http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/6368
that basically broke down how MS Exchange keeps some of its data and
talks to the exchange clients.  I'm sure the info is out of data but
it seems like the idea is sound.  Dealing with the DATA after its in
the client seems easier than dealing with server as a whole.

I certainly can see where you would lose functionality like seeing
other peoples schedules but not everyone needs or wants that.


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