Re: [Evolution] Plugin for Evolution

On Thu, 2008-02-28 at 14:22 -0500, CParticle wrote:
Also the idea of going through WEBDav is not the answer I know that
exist and I know it works and it works for me.  However its going
through the web interface why not use IMAP instead if its there.

I think I misunderstand something of what you are saying - surely IMAP
is a mail protocol, not a general file transfer thing.  How are you
proposing that you get at the calendar information via IMAP - bear in
mind that the IMAP protocol uses data exchanges like 'give me message
number 34' or 'how many new messages are there' or 'give me all the
headers of new message' - AFAIK there's nothing in it that says 'give me
contents of this file', because "file" is a meaningless concept to IMAP.


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