Re: [Evolution] I am unable to Expunge my inbox.


Yes. My problem is similar. My conversion of my index files takes only
30-45 seconds and dies due to an in-ability to allocate 8 GB. I might
suggest that this bug report could be the same problem, however Sankar
is able to allocate the conversion memory requested but his machine
swaps to death unable to complete the conversion.

I would suggest that the conversion process is flawed in that it 

a) tries to allocate too much memory up front. (Maybe the conversion
process could data as it goes, rather than reading some large block of
data and then processing it? Keep I mind I have not seen the code.) 
b) in-accurately projects how much memory is required for the

I can setup a VMWare virtual machine to help troubleshoot this problem,
if I was given some guidance. I could even check out the source and
build from the source.

I love Evolution, and would love to make it a better software package.


On Tue, 2008-12-02 at 22:24 -0600, HggdH wrote:
In any case, this looks to me like a bug. It's not reasonable for Evo
fail to index (or expunge) on a 4GB machine. My desktop has only 2GB
I've never seen this (my local Inbox is currently 130MB). You should
probably report it to

This sounds like,
although the symptoms are a bit different.

I am not sure about Fedora's status (I only have time for Ubuntu), but
hopefully someone there is building the test packages for this bug.

Bear in mind, the patch is still in flux, and tests are required.

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