Re: [Evolution] I am unable to Expunge my inbox.

On Tue, 2008-12-02 at 19:46 -0500, Robert Seward wrote:
Believe me, I tried to make the conversion process work. 

I tried it three times. Each time the conversion failed saying it failed
to allocate 8 GB of memory. My lowly 4 GB laptop was not adequate for
this conversion process.

You might be able to add temporary swap space to get round this, though
I would expect it to be slow.

Of course I was able to bring Evolution to a workable state by passing
the conversion process. By the way I need Evolution to do my day to day
work. So not having Evolution available for a long period of time is NOT
an option.

I am open to suggestions on how to make my Inbox successfully convert
its summary to the new sqlite format. Any ideas? Anyone?

Failing the above, perhaps splitting the Inbox into manageable
subfolders would help. Could be tricky though, given the problem with
expunging. You might need to copy the whole thing to a set of folders,
then manually delete the Inbox file from the filesystem (after shutting
down Evo of course) and hope Evo will recreate it when it starts up.

In any case, this looks to me like a bug. It's not reasonable for Evo to
fail to index (or expunge) on a 4GB machine. My desktop has only 2GB and
I've never seen this (my local Inbox is currently 130MB). You should
probably report it to


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