Re: [Evolution] Slow Evolution - OWA - Evolution connector

On 1/24/07, Sankar P <psankar novell com> wrote:

2.8.3 has got some performance fixes w.r.t initial folder fetching. If
you have a lot of public/nested folders, you will notice the startup
time reduced considerably with 2.8.3    It is getting released on

These fixes have already went in the 2.9.6 version. Some fixes have went
in 2.9.6 for subscribing to another user's calendar issue also.

For those who use SLED 10 (not OpenSuse), these changes will be
available in the SLED 10 SP1.

so, the current stable version is ... what? 2.8.2? 2.9.6?

For SLED 10, you say SP1 will include "these changes" ... does that
mean that SP1 will offer a version upgrade to .... what version?

In the meantime, how can I get to a more fully functional version? 2.6
is, to my mind, nearly unusable. I only use it because, essentially,
I'm trying to work out supportable options for potential customers
(OWA on FireFox and/or windows in a VM are what I would rely on

I tried adding the gnome repository to install sources, but I get a
list of dependencies that I am not sure what to do with when I try to
upgrade ...

At this rate, I have lost a customer to a SLED 10 deployment because
of EVO issues. I need to be able to put something together that is
solid, before I can go to other customers with project proposals, and
EVO connecting to exchange is a must ...

Since EVO is the supposed darling of Novell (an Outlook
replacement!!!), I simply do not understand why production quality
upgrades to newer versions are not made available to SLED10 ... this
is a policy (that of not offering version upgrades to anything ....
just "security patches") that is doomed to failure in the corporate
world. I can see not offering/supporting version updates for every
package that comes with SLED ... but EVO? And Banshee, and FireFox and
the big ticket items that people use and depend on every day? Yes, it
must be available.

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