Re: [Evolution] Compiling Evo

On Wed, 2005-11-16 at 18:34 +0100, guenther wrote:
Please note that 2.5.x is unstable development work in progress... ;)

Sure, but I've reported an apparent LDAP bug with 2.4 (and earlier) and
was asked to try 2.5.1 to see if it was fixed. So far I haven't been
able to.

OK, just wanted to make this clear. :)

Depending on your distro, there may be RPM packages available with
snapshot versions.

BTW I don't use the CVS versions. I did try a year or so ago but it was
just too much pain; 36 modules to compile, and they never seemed all to
be in synch so I kept getting errors. Probably user error since I'm not
very familiar with CVS but I really didn't have the time to go into it.
Note that this was using what is apparently supposed to be the "easy
way", a script called jhbuild. Maybe the fact that I run KDE and not
Gnome had something to do with it.

Yeah, jhbuild is /supposed/ to be easy. Running CVS versions can be hard
though, even with a tool that supposedly makes the build easy. ;)

I'd recommend GARNOME [1], if you want to test particular apps/versions
or the entire GNOME Desktop. It does not use CVS versions but released
tarballs (either stable or unstable), so building it does not depend on
the current state of CVS...
GARNOME is designed to not interfere with your existing installs, so
it's safe for testing. Regardless if you build Evo by jhbuild or
GARNOME, the deps sure are the same and automatically build by GARNOME.

I downloaded Garnome to take a look, but haven't tried it yet since I
figured out that my problem with 2.5.1 was a missing hal-devel RPM. I'll
keep it in mind for future reference, though it's not clear from the
docs whether you can just compile the parts you want or have to install
(or at least compile) an entire Gnome desktop, which I *don't* want.

Oh, and you can get support by me. ;-)  </ad>

You may live to regret making that offer :-)


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