Re: [Evolution] clipboard integration

On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 18:35 +0800, Ow Mun Heng wrote:
Evo doesn't seem to integrate itself with the clipboard like all
other apps I use.  That is, I need to leave mail open in a window
to copy parts of it to somewhere else.  Say, I select a 
link/address from within

I've done this loads of times under gnome and it works. Perhaps it's a
XFCE issue?

Perhaps.  It's that sort of feedback that I was hoping to get to see if
it affected anyone else.  Funny thing is that it is specific to Evo.  If
I do the same in any other app it works okay, so I actually doubt it's
an Xfce thing?? 

Do you have a 3rd mouse button? try selecting the text and using the
3rd mouse button to paste

No, that doesn't work either in the circumstance I mean (simulated 3rd
button works okay in all other apps and CLI).  

Perhaps I should be more specific about where the problem occurs:
If I highlight and/or copy text from an email in preview window or from
an opened email window it can be pasted anywhere else with either
(simulated) 3rd-button click and/or GUI pasting methods with ctl+v or
edit+paste.  If I shut that open email _before_ I try _any_ paste method
the chosen text is lost and there is nothing to paste - into any other
app. or even another email window :-(

To check whether it was an Xfce thing, I did the same test with a
browser window. For example, copying some text from a web page, then
shutting that web page before trying to paste into any other app saw
that test pasted correctly.  To me that suggests an Evo-only problem is


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