[Evolution] clipboard integration

Evo doesn't seem to integrate itself with the clipboard like all other
apps I use.  That is, I need to leave mail open in a window to copy
parts of it to somewhere else.  Say, I select a link/address from within
the body of an email <copy>, close email, and jump to another desktop
with a browser and <paste> into the address bar - nothing.  The copied
text is gone from the clipboard.  Same even if I am copying text between
an old mail and a new one I'm composing while staying within Evo on one
desktop.  It only works as described if I leave the mail open in a
background window.  Is this a "feature" or a window manager issue, given
that all other apps behave as I want?

Using Evo 2.0.4 (nothing better avail on FC3 repos) on Xfce 4.2.0 on


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